Lisa Wright 

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More About Lisa... 

Lisa is an business woman who helps women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur. 'Success can be measured in small steps... and every step counts.' If you want to be a stay-home contributor, there are ways... (and yes! You are an entrepreneur. We need to celebrate more of who we are, ladies!). Lisa is also a Type 1 Diabetic Consultant and has done multiple speaking engagements on this topic. 

Lisa graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Environment Science and Outdoor pursuits- her future looked bright... but life had other plans. A top athlete and coach in many fields, at the age of 23, Lisa found herself in need serious back surgery and everything changed on a dime. Instead of managing corporate affairs and overseeing issues that mattered to our world, she had to dedicate her life to her own recovery. Just prior to her disc surgery she met the love of her life- Vincent. His strength, love and support were with her during her operation and recovery after. They married and went on to have 3 beautiful children; Elizabeth, Jackson and Lucas. Between personal recovery and family, Lisa never joined the field she dreamed of....(don't worry.. goals and dreams are allowed to change and Lisa did JUST that...) 

At home with Elizabeth (her first!), Lisa discovered she loved being home and realised there was a new dream on the horizon- staying home. She also knew that she would need to bring her family income to make this happen. In the early days, Lisa ran an at-home Daycare, took part in Farmers Markets (she's crafty and did this venture with her sister- Kris) and worked remotely for Biathalon BC. These jobs allowed her to stay home and contribute to her family needs. Her family needs changed dramatically when her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Elizabeth was only 3 years old and very quickly Lisa had to shift- she had to learn to treat and care for diabetes on a daily basis- a tiring and thankless job. Lisa and her family made the decision early on .. we will not be victims. We will learn and we will figure it out. And they did just that. Lisa's involvement in the diabetic community has helped hundreds of moms, families and Type 1 diabetics through their medical journeys. 

During this time, Lisa also found joy in playing sports (gently) and coaching high-level athletes in the fields of skiing and soccer. Lisa's coaching style was always centred around positivity and goal setting. 

As her family grew, Lisa wanted something bigger for herself and her family. An opportunity came for Lisa to launch an online sales group (Valley Trends) she jumped at chance. Lisa is the co-founder of the Skippy Sisters, an Executive Administrator for Valley Trends and a co-founder for Your Life Sparkles. 

Today Lisa offers a wide range of coaching programs and services - from vision board sessions to Diabetic Consulting and Support, Women's retreats and keynote speeches.

2017- Co-Founder and COO of Your Life Sparkles

2016- Administrator for Valley Trends 

2012- Western Canadian Bi-athletic Association 

2010- B.C. Brother & Sisters Foundation 

2009- Type 1 Diabetes Association 

2004- Syngery Energy and Timber Admin and Support 

Lisa has played sports at high provincial levels and donated countless hours as a coach in both Provincial soccer and biathalon teams. She dedicates countless hours to PTA, school councils, Type 1 diabetic support groups and community.