Your Life Sparkles Ladies Day 2020 
Be inspired with laughter, insight and focus on YOU. 

2020 Events cancelled for health and safety. 
Due to COVID all live events are being postponed. 
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What a great day!! The perfect mix of laughter, silliness, reflection and connection and a few good deep breaths! What they have to share is worth listening to. In a society of comparison and disconnection that breeds discontentment and anxiety these beautiful women are speaking an uplifting message of acceptance and connection that we desperately need! If you get a chance, gather your ladies and spend a day with these lovely sisters.~ Beth
Our Exclusive Level Up Workbook is ready for 2020! It's included at ALL Ladies Day fact, it's the only way to get one.  

Money, Self Love and Health. You want to be inspired and encouraged to set goals and crush them?! You like warm, authentic and entertaining speakers? This event is for you. 

We love talking about finance- you are the captain of your ship. What do you need to continue, change or plan for with your moola? No matter what stage you are at, there is something for you. If you are overwhelmed or maybe just a little bit disorganised, that's ok! We've been there too! If you are dialled in with money and finance (first of all, good for you!), and second who can you help? Who do you want to inspire? 

Love yourself. Self Care is not selfish. What is your mind telling you, ladies? We need to love ourselves better and with more consistency. The mind is a muscle. What we tell ourselves, what we say to ourselves is what we believe. What do you need to hear and believe more about yourself? How can we capture what others ese in us for ourselves?! My best friends thinks I am incredible, my husband thinks I am amazing...what does it take for ME to start thinking that too? Join us in this... love yourself BETTER! (You know we are going to remind you... you're butt looks great!) 

Healthy me. Healthy life. Health is a daily decision. Do you have to be perfect at it? No. But do you have to love yourself, your body and your mind enough to really, truly take care of yourself? YES. You are worth it. Your health is important. Ladies, what do you do that really works? What is frustrating about health? What is exciting about health? Let's flip this topic on it's head and make it work for you! 

When women connect, magic happens. You will enjoy the day with the women of Your Life Sparkles! #3sisters and other like-minded women who want to be inspired and authentic in an inspirational setting. 

2020 Events cancelled for health and safety. Due to COVID all live events are being postponed. Watch for us on social media!